Leon’s World Finest Bar-B-Que, Galveston TX

I recently broke bread on a Sunday at Leon’s World Finest Bar-B-Que with my wife, kid, and a couple of friends from Lafayette, LA. For over 25 years LeoLeon'sn’s has been serving BBQ made with spices local to the San Bernard River which flows into the Gulf of Mexico from a spring in New Ulm, TX. With Texas BBQ being as popular as ever, it was nice to be able to show up with a party of five and be seated immediately. Leon’s is a BBQ joint that despite it’s name, is without pretense. No line, no over the top decor, and no bloated pricing. In fact the location of Leon’s can be easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. You’ll want to keep an eye out for a residential style structure and a sign that features Mr. and Mrs. Leon Oneal.

What Leon’s World Finest offers is good food, good service, and good company. Just like the people and location, the food is authentic and without hullabaloo. The brisket and ribs have a nice smoke flavor and dry rub that forms a thick bark.

Along with Leon’s beef offerings, the chicken was also a hit at our table. We chose white meat which was smokey, moist and encompassed by a crispy dry rubbed skin that our table simply couldn’t stop talking about.

The Order:

3 Meat Dinner (brisket, beef ribs, and turkey) with mac n’ cheese and potato salad.

3 Meat Dinner (brisket, beef ribs, and chicken) with coleslaw and potato salad.

Two slices of sweet potato pie.

Lots of water.

Things to Know:Leon's Food

On all meat fronts Leon’s uses a dry rub that is not too intense and let’s the meat do the talking.

There is sauce and like the meat it isn’t overpowering.

The sides at Leon’s are also noteworthy. I recommend the mac n’ cheese or potato salad.

DON”T walk out on dessert. Especially the sweet potato pie.


Located on the corner of 55th and Broadway in Galveston, TX

For catering call: 409-744-0070

More info about Leon’s World Finest Bar-B-Que can be found HERE.

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