Galveston Island Brewing, Galveston TX

Located just a block off of the Galveston seawall, Galveston Island Brewing is a craft brewery with a tap room serviGIB Bannerng pints and growlers to thirsty beach
goers. I stopped in at GIB while on a recent summer trip to the island and it wasn’t just for the A/C. The brewery and tap room are both located in a metal building that offers shelter and cold brews to help fight the Texas heat.

Upon arrival I went straight to the tap room to cool off. The space is bright and seats approximately 20 guests. At the time of my visit there were six to eight patrons drinking pints. Behind the bar were a total of five taps, however a couple of brews were out. The service was friendly, attentive, and laid back. Guests are allowed to sampGIB Breweryle brews before ordering pints or growlers. I definitely recommend getting a taste of the Smokin’ Blonde to see how it suits your pallet before ordering a pint or growler. Guests are also encouraged to walk around, explore the brewery and play a handful of games.


The Order:

Tiki Wheat – A smooth GIB Tapsand fairly sweet brew that makes a nice companion on a summer day in Texas.

The Scotsman – A dark and nutty brew.

Smokin’ Blonde – A unique brew with smoky flavor that might be over the top for many.


Things to Know:

Tiki Wheat stands above the rest.GIB Pint

Ask for the “Postal Service” pint, take a pic, and send it to your significant other.

If the heat isn’t too bad, there are yard games.


Galveston Island Brewing

8423 Stewart Rd. Galveston, TX


Find more info HERE.


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