Carter’s Bar-B-Que, Longview TX

Founded in 1994, imageimage_1Carter’s Bar-B-Que is one of the top BBQ joints in the East Texas region. Located in a building that surely at one time was a gas station, owner Curt Carter is serving up a menu that includes all the BBQ staples you might expect. Inside Carter’s you’ll find group seating, commercial sized condiments for sale, and antique soda signs covering the walls.

When visiting Carter’s Bar-B-Que, it helps to know what you want before you reach your turn in line. While Carter’s is plentiful in food, they can be short on patience. You’ll end up giving your meat order to the butcher and then the counter staff will take your side and drink order. Our order, which included 3 meats and two sides came in just over the $20 mark.

What sets Carter’s apart from other Texas joints is their sweet dry rub that you’re sure to notice upon first bite. While the ribs are king, the chicken (half or whole) is surprisingly good with the sweet dry rub.

The Order:image_2

Ribs, Chicken, and Boudin Sausage with beans and potato salad. (more than enough for 2)

2 HUGE Waters.

Things to Know:

Get there before noon. Afterwards you’ll be jostling in line with oil and gas workers.

There’s going to be a line inside and at the drive through window during lunch.

Know your order ahead of time and make sure it includes ribs.

The Details:

Carter’s Bar-B-Queimage_3

519 S. Eastman Rd.

Longview, TX 75602


More info can be found HERE.


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