Parent approved: Pinthouse Pizza, Austin, TX

Some of the interesting things about the craft beer ‘movement’ are the growing accommodations for the parents.  Both of the editors on this page are parents, and finding a place where we can drink AND have our kids with us is extremely important.  I mean, going out on a date night is always fantastic, but so is not being ashamed to bring your a child to a place that serves great beer.

This is the first of, hopefully, many posts that will highlight different places that are perfectly fine to bring along your little darlings.

Pinthouse Pizza.  Austin, TX.

4729 Burnet Rd. is the home for Pinthouse Pizza, and is the first location for Parent Approved.  It features over 40 beers on tap, delightful pizza options, sizable salads, great snacks (chips&queso, pretzels, etc) and dessert options.

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They brew a handful of selections in-house that fall under these categories:

  • Mainstays
  • Seasonals
  • Explorations
  • Pilot Ships
  • Barrel Aged Series
  • Firkin Taps

Click that link above to find out more about each style and upcoming tap schedule

The Pinthouse Pizza brewing style is a hop-forward, American-fusion style that emphasizes the flavor and aroma of the beloved hop flower without the bitterness associated with many hoppy beers. Our beers are influenced by the English brewing traditions of complexity and drinkability yet still strive to represent American Craft-Pinthouse Pizza

The roomy, beer hall-type area is wide open.  You just need to look for some space and plop down.  Most of the people that were there knew that if you want room to breathe when it’s busy then you need to go to a different place.  Expect to get cozy when it’s slammed. There is a small standing-island area to drink if you don’t want to sit as well.

Remember, this post is for places you can take your kids, so note that there are plenty of children here.  If this bothers you, then go later in the day.  There are video game,s and on this night in particular, it looked like a great post-practice hangout.  Lots of kids here playing games, crying, running around.  This is a fun, relaxed environment, not a serious dinner option.  Let it go and just have some fun.

It also gets really loud.  If your child is really young, or if you plan on bringing distractive technology- bring headphones.  It’s pub for crying out loud.

The beer and food are in two different sections, but if you keep a tab open you can order food from the bar

© 2014 Texas Brew & BBQ
© 2014 Texas Brew & BBQ

area and receive a page for when your food is ready.  Just keep in mind if you start a tab, you’ll need to go back to the beer area to close out.  They won’t move your card from one section to the other.

The beertenders are plenty friendly and reactive to the crowd.  Don’t expect to wait in line too long, they have definitely been trained to deal with the crowds.

Things to note:

Parking, as most places in Austin during happy-hour, is at a premium.  There is parking in the back and at the Omelettry just down the sidewalk.  The barbecue joint next door has parking after 8 p.m.

They have merchandise and FREE stickers!

If you’re still thirsty, check out the Rosedale Market just down the street. Great organic food options and a hefty selection of craft beer.

This particular part of Austin is really neat.  Take some time to drive around and explore.  Really great neighborhood.

Danny Laurel

I've lived in Texas all my life and can't express how much I love this state. I found that I was enjoying these amazing bbq spots and drinking fantastic Texas-made beer and wanted my buddies and I to be able to share them with our readers.

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