Easy Tiger Oktoberfest schedule

Easy Tiger Bake Shop and Beer Garden released its Oktoberfest schedule for the weekend and it looks like it’s going to be an amazing time!. Entry is free to the weekend event and here are the details from the Easy Tiger Facebook page:
Sept. 27 Tent Times & Giveaways
* Austin Beerworks: 11 am to 4 pm (Fire Eagle IPA, Montecore); win a VIP Tour & Tasting for 4 (where you can pick up your very own 99 pack!) + ET swag bag (includes shirts, headbands & gift card)
* Avery Brewing: 5 pm to 10 pm (Kaiser, IPA); win Avery tackers + ET swag bag

Sept. 28 Tent Times & Giveaways
* Real Ale Brewing: 11 am to 4 pm (Oktoberfest, Hans’ Pils, Real Heavy Cask); win a VIP Tour & Tasting for 4 + ET swag bag
* Brooklyn Brewery: 5 pm to 10 pm (Oktoberfest, Sorachi Ace); first 60 people that purchase a Brooklyn draft at the tent will receive a monogrammed stein; win a BB cornhole set & track jacket + ET swag bag

Great to see Austin Beerworks and Real Ale representing good ol’ Texas Brew!

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I've lived in Texas all my life and can't express how much I love this state. I found that I was enjoying these amazing bbq spots and drinking fantastic Texas-made beer and wanted my buddies and I to be able to share them with our readers.