Kent Black’s Barbecue Visit Recap

©2014 Texas Brew & BBQ
©2014 Texas Brew & BBQ

The signs for Kent Black’s Barbecue have been in the San Marcos, TX skyline for months and I was finally able to pay the new barbecue restaurant a visit just a handful of days after its grand opening.

Once you arrive, you’ll notice the vast space that it takes up.  Plenty of shining sheet metal to greet you, a

©2014 Texas Brew & BBQ
©2014 Texas Brew & BBQ

nice outdoor patio out back and a good amount of gravel parking.  There is street parking, but be aware of the towing signs; San Marcos thrives off of towing cars- just ask the tow truck company that is right next door.

Follow the signs to the entrance of Kent Black’s and enter into a nice open area.  Grab your tray, grab your cold sides and walk up to the meat counter where they will be able to cut your meat and serve you up some of the warm sides available.

On this particular day I enjoyed some lean and fatty brisket, a sausage link, coleslaw, potato salad, and creamed corn.  (I was taking some home to share y’all).  They do have pork spares, baby backs, turkey, chicken and the ever-so-popular: Beef rib.  The other side that I saw available were beans, and I peaked at the vanilla pudding, but knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it this go-round.

I was in just before the Sunday lunch crowd, so I had some time to look around and take in the great art designs on the wall and also check out the out seating area before ordering.

It’s a really nice place.

It doesn’t have the history at this location, so the walls haven’t been saturated with smoke just yet; however, you do get the nice smoke smell walking up to the location.

The outer seating area has plenty of wooden tables, nice outdoor games, and when it’s a little busier, the windows to the bar open up to outside patrons.  Pretty neat addition.

The Black’s name is a big shoe to fill, and regardless of the slight name change to try and differentiate, expectations are extremely high for this location.  San Marcos is an interesting beast with the growing student population, so hopefully Kent Black’s gets its footing, works out the new restaurant kinks, and can be a successful endeavor for many years to come.

You can find Kent Black’s Barbecue at:  510 Hull San Marcos, TX 78666

©2014 Texas Brew & BBQ
©2014 Texas Brew & BBQ

What’s Close By:

Just down the road you’ll find ‘The Square’, home to a handful of other restaurants and bars that fuel San Marcos locals and students. Check out: Zelick’s, The Tap Room, Green Parrot, and Barfish to get a nice array of what San Marcos has to offer.


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