Adelbert’s Brewery Announces Sundowner Release

Adelbert’s Brewery takes on lengthy process of producing Texas’ first Biere Brut

When I was first entering the craft-beer world I was introduced to a fancy offering from Sam Adam’s called, Infinium.  The Biere Brut was called the new ‘Champage of Beer’, and I agreed.  It was a frenzy to find it, and when I did was pleasantly surprised by how much flavor was going on with a seemingly light weight beer.

Or was it even beer?

Adelbert’s Brewery out of Austin, TX has always prided itself on making Belgian-Inspired beers, and with Sundowner it will become the first Texas brewery to bottle a Biere Brut offering. Rogness has brewed this type , but it was a brewery-only release.
The bubbly-beer will have been bottle conditioned for three months before we’ll be able to get our hands on it, but that is what Adelbert’s does best.

Scott Hovey is Adelbert’s founder and brewmaster and says, “Since our founding, we have sought to create traditional Belgian-inspired ales,” Hovey goes on to say,  “We are excited to not only be introducing a style that is rarely produced internationally, but to be the first Texas brewery to produce it. We look forward to introducing Texans to this style and eventually the other markets we distribute to as well.”

According to the Adelbert’s info, Sundowner will be a blend of the spicy, fruity notes of a Belgian ale balanced with the mouthfeel and body of a sparkling wine. Because it is brewed with champagne yeast, this effervescent ale possesses hints of white grape and green apple with a crisp, bone dry finish.

Look for this in early November around Texas, but note it’s planned for a limited release.  If people like it and buy it Adelbert’s states it will consider making it more often.  So y’all know what you gotta do, right?

According to Sarah Haney, General Manager of Adelbert’s, the release date was thought out, ”It is our hope that this crossover style will give beer lovers and non-beer fans something to enjoy together. Plus it’s the perfect New Year’s drink for craft beer fans!”

Find out more on the Adelbert’s process on the website.  Featured image courtesy of Adelbert’s site.

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