Live Oak Brewery releases Primus Weizenbock


Live Oak Brewing Company took to social media to announce the arrival of its seasonal offering: Primus Weizenbock- now in its sixth year of production.

They describe Primus (PRE-moos) as a “Dark and cloudy, Primus Weizenbock marries the rich, malty flavors of bock beer with the fruity and spicy flavors of weizenbier. Brewed with significant contribution of wheat malt, Primus features a subtle warming alcohol character. Dark roasted malts impart notes of chocolate, caramel, and toffee in concert with flavors and aromas of clove, banana, and vanilla contributed by the Bavarian yeast strain. Primus is a rich, complex beer perfect to enjoy on a winter night.”

Rocking an  ABV of 8.3% and IBU: of 10, this seasonal offering is perfect for the colder temps.

Seasonal beers are fun because they are limited and you have to wait for them.  Beer you can get year-round just doesn’t have the same appeal for some of us beer chasers.

Find out more about Live Oak’s beer on their website

Images courtesy: Live Oak Brewing Company

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