Jester King Brewery Estival Dichotomous

Austin’s Jester King Brewery Estival Dichotomous information has been announced.  After the release of Hibernal Dichotomous this past April, the follow-up is a Summer saison that was brewed with chamomile, spelt and refermented with strawberries. According to Jester King, ” We make farmhouse ales when the weather is hot and temperatures are conducive to fermentation in stainless steel, and we make spontaneously fermented beers and

Image courtesy Jester King website
Image courtesy Jester King website

barrel fermented beers when temperatures are cold and conducive to overnight inoculation of wort and slow maturation in oak. We also use the ingredients that are available to us at various times during the year. For instance, in the winter we make beer with citrus fruit, in the spring we use peaches, in the summer we use apricots, blueberries and figs, and in the fall we use grapes, horehound, lemon bee balm, and squash. Estival Dichotomous is an analog for the summer season. It’s a beer that’s evocative of the summer weather and its bounty, particularly the smells of hay resting in the fields late in the season”.

The brewing process for Estival Dichotomous was started in July and after the strawberries were used in the refermentaion process, it matured for three months in bottles, kegs and even casks.

Mixed culture fermentation is a very slow and patient process, so while Estival Dichotomous is evocative of the summer, its release is not tied to the season from which it originated

Estival Dichotomous clocks in at about 6.0% ABV and had a 4.1 pH when it was placed in the bottles, but according to the press release, ” we suspect the pH has slowly dropped over the last three months while in the bottles, kegs, and casks”.

Release date:

November 14th, 2014 at 4 pm.


Jester King Brewery


Will be available by the glass and to-go in 750ml bottle that will be $12 each.  There is a limit of three bottles per customer per day.  Only 3,000 bottles will be available, and JK states this will only be available at the brewery or special events.  So there should be enough to go around.


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