Black’s BBQ Opens New Austin Location

[T]he Black’s family of barbecue has been on a tear across central Texas lately. Spawning from the original location in Lockhart, TX you now have Terry Black’s in Austin, Kent Black’s in San Marcos, and now a modern update twist with Black’s BBQ in Austin.
The grand opening celebration was held on November, 8th thought it had been open for about week before that.

A long line wrapped around the side of the building that resides just north of ‘The Drag’ on 3110 Guadalupe.  To ease the pain of the wait, the IMG_0041first 80 people in line received a free t-shirt that highlighted the original logo and featured a nice family photo on the back of the shirt.  A nice tough to acknowledge the history, but to focus on the future of the Black’s family business.

It’s important to note that this is indeed a new, updated look.  It sits on a very busy street that has a ton of traffic and shopping centers.  It would be foolish to think that this was going to be a huge, meat market-type feel to it.  There’s simply not enough room for that; however, there is still a meat counter and harvest table seating- just not placed in a very big room.

Also of note, that the meat is smoked in Lockhart and brought to Austin multiple times daily.  A lot of the comments from patrons asked about the smoke, or lack thereof, but there are limits on this type of location in regard to having an outdoor pit.  To those that scoff at that idea remember, the meat needs time to rest.  It is perfectly fine traveling if it’s done well- which with the history of the Black’s family, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

The menu at new Austin location

On this particular visit I had some turkey, sausage link, lean brisket and some burnt ends.  For my side I decided on Norma Jean’s beans. There are other sides and family meals to be had as well.  They do have fountain drinks, bottled water and beer available; including craft beer options from Hops & Grain.  I had a Zoe IPI- you know, research. (See menu above for some other goodies including pork and sandwiches).

In attendance at the grand opening event were Pit Masters Kent and Barrett Black and even Edgar Black.  The joyful family was chatty and willing to share their excitement with the fanbase.  It was definitely good to see Edgar and his wife Norma in attendance and enjoying food in the new location.

Read more about Young Gun Pitmaster Barrett Black here

If you’re ever in Austin and make a visit, let us know with some pictures or a comment!

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I've lived in Texas all my life and can't express how much I love this state. I found that I was enjoying these amazing bbq spots and drinking fantastic Texas-made beer and wanted my buddies and I to be able to share them with our readers.

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