Jester King and Aaron Franklin Team Up For Figlet

When the Jester King Brewery announced Figlet we, ahem, squealed with delight.  Obviously we enjoy talking about Texas brews AND

Photo courtesy Jester King blog.
Photo courtesy Jester King blog.

barbecue, but when something comes out that features both at the same time we can ‘t help but smile.

Such is the case with Figlet.  Made in collaboration with Aaron Franklin (Franklin’s BBQ), Figlet was made using smoked Texas figs that were smoked in Franklin’s pits.  So you know they will have many years of smokey goodness injected into them. Though Jester King typically use pilsner malts in the grist, according to the Jester King’s blog, head brewer Garrett Crowell decided to go with a base of Dark Munich malt, ‘which he felt complemented the smoky and lightly caramelized character of the figs”.

The idea came about while Franklin was filming an episode for his second season of BBQ with Aaron. The show is on PBS and on each episode viewers can learn a few inside tricks of the trade.

Find out more on the process behind brewing Figlet here

Release info:

November 21st, 2014 at 4 pm at the brewery.

Available by the glass or 750 ml bomber bottle.

Cost: $12 and limit 2/person/day

3,500 bottles were made and no plans to be available outside of brewery.

Photos courtesy Jester King Blog.

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