Killen’s BBQ at Foreign & Domestic Recap

Ronnie Killen preparing for service
Ronnie Killen preparing for service

The cold snap of winter unleashed its grip ever so slightly to allow droves of barbecue fans to line up at Austin’s Foreign & Domestic last Monday morning. The sun began to creep around the clouds and the delicious smoke was visibly wafting from the large pits that took up most of the allotted space for this event.

The event was the Killen’s BBQ pop-up that Austin’s Foreign & Domestic so graciously hosted.

The award-winning barbecue restaurant brings in long lines at its Pearland destination, so expecting anything less in Austin would have been nonsense.  We gathered ’round the tents and waited anxiously for 11:00 a.m. to start digging in.  For most of us waiting around this was a first-time event; for others, it was just knowing from experience to come back again.

The Killens BBQ menu

We had free libations from Saint Arnold Brewing Company, so that helped the time go by, and the closer it came to lunch time everyone began to form the line that would take over much of the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

Once time came to begin serving food, the menu went up and we were all excited about the offerings.  Meat plates, two side options (beans and slaw), dessert,  and the ever-so-popular beef rib.

I opted for the two-meat plate with brisket and sausage to go with my beans and slaw. I also added some jalapenos and grabbed  some cookies before heading inside to finally sit down and enjoy some food.


Being a Monday morning, the crowd definitely ebbed and flowed.  Workers from close by took early lunch, some just took the day off, and some passers-by wondered what was going on and just came by for lunch.

It was definitely a good crowd and everyone from Mr. Killen himself, Pitmaster Patrick Feges, and even Wayne Mueller (who was called upon to help with the pit) was accessible and available to anyone who had questions or just wanted to chat.

Check out the photo gallery below and let us know if you’ve visited the Pearland location, or if you were at this event!

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