Alamo Beer Company Brewing Again in San Antonio

Alamo Beer Company brewing again in San Antonio After 95 Years


[O]n December 5, representatives from the Alamo Beer Company in San Antonio, Texas will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony signifying the beer’s Alamo_Bottle_Colorreturn to production in the Alamo City.

Its long history in Texas was marred by prohibition, name ownership issues, and lack of a production facility, (It  has been made in Blanco’s Real Ale Brewery since 2003) but a new facility located in the heart of San Antonio’s downtown district will have Alamo Golden Ale up and running with the hopes of producing up to 40,000 barrels in the next 5-7 years.

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According to the Alamo Beer Company website,” the complex will include a Beer Garden, Beer Hall , and a brewery”, with each complex being available for rent for special events starting Fall 2014. The expected completion date is October 2014, but the beer hall and garden will be open to the public around Spring 2015.

About Alamo Beer Company
Alamo Beer Company introduced ALAMO Golden Ale in October 2003. Since then, it has continued to
grow locally and has quickly expanded to West Texas, South Texas, Houston and Austin. It is currently
sold in HEB Grocery Stores, Whole Foods, Gabriel’s, Specs, and other retail outlets. ALAMO Golden Ale
is also available in a number of bars and restaurants within those markets.


The brewery will be located on 415 Burnet Street, San Antonio, TX.



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