A Slow Ride to Joseph’s Riverport BBQ

“Slow ride, take it easy” – Foghat

I recently took my wife on an East Texas road trip to Jefferson, TX. Formerly a shipping port during the Republic of Texas days, Jefferson is now home to numerous attractions for those looking for some old timey fun in East Texas. Among the antique shops and museums, BBQ trekkers can also find a BBQ joint serving up Texas traditions along with other southern delights.

Joseph’s Riverport BBQ is located on the historic Jefferson Square among all the antique shops. Which is nice, because after stuffing your gullet with ribs, brisket, sausage, and homemade chips you might want to think about stretching those legs and taking a stroll. My wife and I paid a visit on a Tuesday in which the special was a two meat plate with two sides for a nice even $10 bill.

We beat the lunch time rush so the line wasn’t bad at all. The staff was friendly and there’s plenty of seating available. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back. With the classic rock playing in the background and the farming tools covering the walls, you might think this BBQ joint would make a great setting for a zombie flick. But that’s another story.

The Order:Joseph's Riverport BBQ Plate

1 Special: Ribs, Brisket, Pinto Beans, and Hot Water Cornbread

1 Special: Ribs, Sausage, French Fries, Hot Water Cornbread

The Tab:

$20 plus tax

The Results:

We left Joseph’s Riverport BBQ knowing that we’d be back. The brown sugar sweetened ribs were some of the meatiest we’ve had in East Texas and they were a favorite for both my wife and I. The brisket was also note worthy with a nice fat layer that shouldn’t be ignored. The joint also offers many different sides like homemade chips, “Swamp Fries”, and hot water cornbread.

The Hidden Gem:

If you don’t know about hot water cornbread, this is a great spot to get educated.

Other Spots in Jefferson:The General Store

Check out The General Store which is just a short walk from Joseph’s Riverport BBQ. Inside you’ll find great novelty items, toys, candy, and Blue Bell ice cream.

Also, The Corkyard boasts a menu of over 30 wines and over 30 brews. They were closed at the time of my visit so no other details available at this time.


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