Surge in Beef Prices Causing BBQ Joints to get Creative

Surge in Beef Prices Causing BBQ Joints to get Creative


Beef prices are back on the rise in Texas.  This has definitely happened before, and most restaurants I’ve spoken with aren’t quite worried about the future quite yet, but it looks like there are some locations out there that are raising prices- and even some owners that are possibly buying stolen meat.

According to a CBS report, there are Dallas barbecue restaurants needing to raise prices to prevent closing, or even considering putting a surcharge on beef items.  Read more about that report here. I can’t imagine going into a bbq joint and seeing a surcharge asterisk on any menu.  Especially not a well-respected spot in central Texas, and gas is going down, so it all evens out, right?

There has also been a recent report of meat theft out of the Austin area.  Austin police have linked James Cordell Avery to multiple attempted and successful thefts of beef starting from May 13, 2014.  This wasn’t for a few steaks, the amount of meat stolen surpasses $900.  And get this, he wasn’t stuffing brisket in his pants, he was just loading up his shopping cart and walking out with it.  Not like they put sensors on beef, but you know- could happen? Are they going to start putting brisket behind glass doors where you’ll need to ask an associate to open the case for you?

Thing is- he wasn’t stealing the meat for his own epic backyard party; this meat was going to restaurants to sell to people like us.   Who knows what kind of conditions it was being transported in either.  Looking forward to the restaurants being named with this investigation.

So what do we do?

I’m a huge advocate for continuing to support your local bbq joint.  It’s tough to think about an appropriate price point for beef.  When you think of fine dining, a good steak costs a pretty penny, so why is brisket any different?  I’m nowhere close to calling brisket gourmet (though it totally can be), or a bbq restaurant fine-dining, but the amount of work that goes into the preparation should be taken into consideration.

So keep going out and supporting your favorite spot.  The local business do great things for the community, and need to be around to support the beef industry.  And just keep hoping for gas to keep going down in price.

Have you felt the pinch of rising beef prices?  Speak your mind in the comment section below.



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