Jester King, Evil Twin Brewing Unite for World’s Worst Twin

[J]ester King Brewery and Denmark’s Evil Twin Brewing have collaborated on an oak barrel fermented farmhouse ale called: World’s Worst Twin. Announced back in November, 2014, fans can now get their hands on it this week!

Evil Twin owner, Jeppe Jarnit-BjergsØ, visited Jester King this past April and was set on making a beer that was coffee-inspired, but didn’t actually use any coffee.  According to Jester King’s press release, “We used toasty, highly kilned malts in the mash to impart a roasty, chocolatey character, and Texas blueberries in the fermentation to provide some fruity notes and acidity. The beer took on additional complexity from a long, slow fermentation and maturation in oak barrels in the presence of native yeast and bacteria harvested from our land in the Texas Hill Country.”

Coffee, blueberries, chocolate-y!?  One word: Gnarly.

In case you’re wondering, Bjergso’s brother, Mikkell, owns the gypsy brewery, Mikkeller.  Both known for hardcore, seasonal, and sometimes collaborative efforts.

Read more about the collaboration here

More from Jester King:

“We’re very excited to announce that Jeppe himself will be at Jester King on Saturday, January 17th to celebrate the beer release! He’ll be at our tasting room throughout the day to meet with visitors to the brewery. We’re also excited that Jeppe will be taking part in two other unique events while he is in Texas.”

Release info:

January 16th, 2014 at the Jester King Brewery. 4pm.

Available by the glass or 750ml bottle. ($16, 1/customer per day)

1600 bottles available.

Let us know if you pick any of this up!

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