Flood Distribution Announces Deal With Brash Brewing Co.



Flood Distribution will be partnering with Houston’s newest brewery endeavor, Brash Brewing Company. Though Brash had been brewing beer up in Massachusetts, they’ve been back in Texas setting up shop and ready to go full steam. ¬†Here is Flood’s statement on the partnership:

“We are very happy to announce our partnership with one of the most exciting upcoming breweries in Texas, Brash brewing company. Headed up by The Petrol Station‘s Ben Fullelove and head brewer Vince Mandeville (formerly of Saint Arnold Brewing Company), Brash will be creating the sort of high quality, bold and aggressive IPAs and Imperial Stouts that Petrol has championed for nearly a decade. Recent test batches of EZ-7 Pale Ale and Cali Green IPA stand up to some of the besthoppy ales from the West Coast, and when we’ve been quick and lucky enough to catch early batches of the imperial stouts on tap around town, they’ve been truly fantastic.”

These Texas-made beer releases will be slated for the Houston area only, but now that they have a distro-deal I’m sure that’ll change fairly soon. ¬†Brash already has beer planned for a late 2015 release with their bourbon barreled Vulgar Display of Power; which is their Russian Imperial Stout. The aged version will be dubbed, “Hammer Smash Face”.

You ready to rock?!

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