Saint Arnold Beer Brats at Texas HEB, Central Market Stores

The other day I visited my local HEB store and noticed something familiar in the beef section.  The Saint Arnold logo on top of a package of bratwursts.  ‘What could this possible be?!’, I said to myself as I scanned my options.

saint arnold brats

Amber Ale and Santo brats, produced by Smithfield-Farmland out of Kansas City.  I went with the Santo variety as I just happened to have some left over Santo beers in my fridge.

The nice, spicyness of the brats came through, but not so much on the Santo flavor.  Even if it was just meant to be an essence of flavor, I’d like to have a bit more of the beer flavor in there. Still a solid option for brats, and great for entertaining and beer pairing.

Here is the full press release from Saint Arnold:

You may have noticed something interesting as you’ve been shopping for groceries over the past couple of weeks – Saint Arnold in the sausage section. Specifically, Amber Ale and Santo Beer Bratwursts.

A few months ago, our Executive Chef Ryan Savoie traveled to Kansas City to meet with the folks at Smithfield-Farmland and refine recipes. We didn’t want to just send them a few bottles of beer – we wanted to take an active role in the process and, well, see how the sausage is made.

What we ended up with is two delicious bratwurst recipes featuring our beer as an ingredient. The rich, malty body and caramel character of Amber Ale produces an all-around flavorful brat, while the dark malt flavor of Santo results in a brat with a hint of roast. Both of them, as you might imagine, pair excellently with the beer they are made with.

Smithfield-Farmland is the largest pork supplier in the US, and they are as passionate about producing high quality products are we are about brewing world class beers. These brats are made with high-quality USDA-inspected cuts of domestic pork and our beer – shipped fresh from Texas. They contain no MSG.

You can find Saint Arnold Beer Brats at HEB and Central Market stores throughout Texas. The Amber Ale Brat will be featured on our regular lunch menu at the brewery and during our public tours starting next week.


Also try: Smokey Denmark Big Bark Beer Brats made with Austin’s Live Oak Brewing Big Bark beer.

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