Smokey Denmark’s Smokey Food Truck


Smokey Denmark has been processing and churning out smoked meats in Austin’s east side for over 50 years. Long before it was ‘cool’ to be there, and long enough to help provide sausages to many other food establishments around Austin and beyond. Check out the Smokey Denmark website to find out more about the meat processing part of the business model.

It was really no surprise that around five years ago they decided to put up a food truck and start slangin’ some barbecue themselves. If you’re looking to get into this market but don’t have much cash, you could read this guide to guarantor loans and see if you could get the money needed to startup. Pitmaster Bill runs the show and his passion and dedication to the craft of smoking meats come through more so than through the food truck serving window. If reading this has inspired you to push your desire to run a food truck further, then, of course, you’ll know that a lot of planning will come into play. With this being said, with the option of being able to instantly get more instagram followers so easily these days, at least this part of your business venture may not be as difficult as you initially thought.

He’s got an energy about him; and his enthusiasm for smoking meat and the history of Texas barbecue is fun to watch and listen to while watching him shuffle around the Smokey Denmark food truck. He’s not alone though. DJ, formerly of John Mueller Meat Co., is in the truck with him keeping each other moving with fun banter and those slight little jabs that you can’t help but chuckle at.

It’s the basic setup, but they have the luxury of having the pits behind them to help facilitate the cooking process. I hear that might be considering some great POS systems as well, similar to what you’d see in this review, at some point in the future. Bill also has a mobile smoker that can be taken with them, if need be, to events when they travel.

The layout of the food truck is great because it has plenty of room to sit. The street also has open parking, so unlike other parts of downtown Austin, you can park and walk without stressing out. They also feature live music during the warmer months, so plenty to enjoy while making the visit.

The menu offers smoked brisket, pulled pork, beef ribs (occasional), sausage, jalapeno/cheese sausage, and any of IMG_1064that can be put on a sandwich. The sides include : Beans, German potatoes, jalapeno creamed corn and cole slaw. There are also special deals during the week. On Tuesday and Thursdays they feature brisket tacos with pico, crema, and salsa verde. It’s what I had when I paid a visit, and I highly recommend it. Good amount of food for the price and perfect for when it’s a little chilly outside to warm you up.

There is also an off-menu item that was ordered while I was visiting that looked pretty spectacular, and it’s called the Double-Oinker. It is a sandwhich that has coleslaw mixed with buffalo sauce, sausage sliced open and placed flat with pulled pork on top. Que bella!

They don’t sell sauce, but there was a customer that came up to the food truck exclaiming he ‘had to have’ the homemade mustard sauce that is available. Pitmaster Bill obliged, so he figured out a way to sell him a bottle’s worth of sauce. Perhaps that is something they will consider doing in the future? Ahem, hint, hint.

Smokey Denmark’s Smokey Food Truck isn’t quite off of the beaten path, but it’s far enough away from the Austin barbecue hoopla that surrounds other food trucks in the area. It definitely worth a visit for the food, and to have a chat for the fellas working the pits.

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