Micklethwait Craft Meats Visit Recap


The east side of Austin is on no shortage of quality barbecue places.  But one in particular is selling quality meats, sides and desserts, but without the extensive line.  In this case- the lack of a line around the block doesn’t equate to lack of quality.

Enter stage left: Micklethwait Craft Meats.

Micklethwait craft meats was a naughty little secret for fans of amazing food.  I say ‘food’ and not just ‘bbq’ because it’s not just the meat that’s fantastic, but the sides,bread and desserts are as well.  They offer up a few standard sides including potato salad, beans, and coleslaw, but also offer cheesy jalapeno grits.  These are only basic by name, not flavor.


Here is the meat menu: (see full menu here)

Craft Meats ($ per pound)

Beef Rib $20
Brisket $18
Pork Spare Ribs $17
Sliced Pork Shoulder $16
Sausage* $16
Barbacoa $14
Pulled Pork $14 
Chicken $14
* Sausages vary daily
Plates (w/ 2 sides)
1-Meat $11.50
2-Meat $13.50
3-Meat $15.50
I went with a sliced brisket sandwich with jalapeno cheese grits ($9). It came with pickles and sauce that was great toIMG_7840 use for dipping chunks of bread in.  I felt that for the amount of meat (see picture), this was an amazing value, and was plenty to fill me up for the day.
Back to the bread-
Baked fresh, the crown is a golden-brown and serves as a worthy final resting place for the brisket.  It’s not a mask either; the bread alone would be a nice little snack, but it worked really well with the brisket.  And like I said, was a good choice to use to sample the sauce.
I didn’t have room to sample dessert on my last trip, but based off of some of the pictures I’ve seen, it’d be worth a shot.
Things to note-  Parking is a little on the sparse side, so make sure you pay attention to the signs asking to be polite to the neighbors.  There were a lot of to-go orders while I was there, so spots open fairly rapidly.
They are pretty good about announcing hours of operation via social media, so follow them on Facebook to stay in the know.
Let us know if you’ve been before and let us know what you thought about your experience!

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