Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival Information

Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival


The people behind Wurstfest announced via Facebook its first ever craft beer festival.  Here is the post:

Block off May 9th on your calendar so you can attend Wurstfest’s first ever Craft Beer Festival! It’ll be held in the Stelzenplatz on the Wurstfest Grounds. Festivities will kick off at 2pm.

Those of you who home brew, note we’ll be hosting a competition the same day. Categories will be Porter/Stout, IPA/Pale Ale, Lager/Pilsner, and Other. The prize will be amazing, so get fermenting!

More details coming soon!

This should be a fun event, and probably in response to the great feedback received from 2014’s Wurstfest, which included craft beer options for the first time.

Here are the listings for pours and tastings below:

Beers on tap

3 oz. Tastings

Tickets now available, here is the ticket breakdown:

Tickets : Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival




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