Hey Pitmasters- You Can Use Leftover Brisket!

There have been a few occasions that pitmasters have taken to social media to vent frustrations.  One of them being after a customer was upset that they sold out of brisket, so the owner of the establishment said we don’t sell day-old meat! Then went on to tell his followers to ask their favorite barbecue restaurants if they sell leftover meat.  (I’m paraphrasing because those tweets have been deleted, apparently).


This raised a question in the little pea-sized brain I own: Why don’t you sell day-old meat? If you’re so worried about saving a dollar with rising beef prices, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to stretch that dollar out? I wanted to see what are the best ways to use leftover brisket.

I took to Twitter to do a super-unscientific poll on how people felt about using meat for chopped beef sandwhiches:

And the responses were pretty agreeable. There are ways to preserve meat through to the next day, and plenty of ways to use it in other ways. Here are some responses:

But there can still be circumstances where it’s just not possible to manage this setup. Food costs are different to different people, and most will still be cautious based on their traffic:

Danny Laurel

I've lived in Texas all my life and can't express how much I love this state. I found that I was enjoying these amazing bbq spots and drinking fantastic Texas-made beer and wanted my buddies and I to be able to share them with our readers.

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