Donut Chain Threatens Houston BBQ Joint

Brooks’ Place owner being threatened by Dunkin Donuts


Trent Brooks, owner of Brooks’ Place in Cypress, Texas, has gone to social media to express recent frustrations over Dunkin Donuts.  According to recent posts on Facebook and Twitter, Dunkin Donuts isn’t too happy that Brooks is selling breakfast tacos, and apparently doing really well with them.

In an email response, Brooks said this started two weeks prior to this posting. The owner of the fast-food chain reached out to the owner of Ace Hardware (where Brooks’ Place is located), and then reached out to Brooks.  There was no initial response to him until Brooks began to place signage advertising the new breakfast offerings. “That’s when one owner [of Dunkin Donuts] went out, pulled it up, brought it over and a heated discussion ensued in front of customers over him telling me. “we want you to stop selling breakfast “.

Here are some of the threats:

Threat #1…We don’t want anything to happen to your business Threat #2 …We have some powerful people on our side…We don’t take kindly to threats. That’s a line you can’t go back across. So we can show you better than we can tell you.

Posted by Brooks’ Place, LLC on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good to see a local business fight back, because this sounds ridiculous.

Will continue to update, but for now- Go support Brooks’ Place at:

18020 Fm 529 Rd
Cypress, Texas

Featured image used from Brooks’ Place Facebook.

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