Franklin BBQ Informs Customers of Line Policy on Social Media

Think Again Before Hiring Someone to Hold Your Place at Franklin BBQ

The line at Franklin BBQ is so well-known around Austin,TX, it even has its own Twitter account! Turns out there

From @franklinbbqline Twitter
From @franklinbbqline Twitter

are a handful of companies that will charge money to have someone wait in line for you at busy locations like Franklin BBQ in Austin. Everyone trying to make a buck these days, and I don’t blame them.

And even with articles like this one from Eater Austin promoting the entrepreneurship abilities of a middle school student, Franklin BBQ wants everyone to know that paying for someone to wait in line for your barbecue group is against their policy.

Here’s the group of tweets from the Franklin BBQ account:

Is this a big deal?

I definitely don’t want one person to be waiting in line for a group of 5 or more, but I don’t see any issues with a 1 for 1 deal whatsoever.  If people have that kind of money to throw around, so be it.  I’m just grumpy I didn’t think of the idea sooner.


Featured image via Trip Advisor.

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