We Asked: What are your Favorite Texas Beers for Summer?

OOOOhweee it’s starting to get hot out there.  The meteorologists keep saying we should expect a ‘mild summer’, but I have no idea what that means.  All I know is it’s hot, and when it starts to get warm outside people have a tendency to switch to a more summer-friendly beer option.

We wanted to know: What are your favorite beers for summer?

Here’s what’s recommended by friends of Texas Brew & BBQ:

Aaron Haley. Beer afficianado, food and beer writer. @aaronhaley
I happen to be an appreciator of wild ales so my list tends to lean towards the light, refreshing, funky, and tart beer. Here is my list of easy drinking and tasty summer Texas beers…”
Real Gose 4.4%
Gose, German Wheat Beer
If you enjoy a summer beer with a lime you will really enjoy this beer as well. It is a slightly tart wheat beer with coriander, lime, and salt. Though the name is hard to understand, (GO ZUH), the beer is easy to comprehend from the first sip.


Independence Red Bud 4.5%
Berliner Weisse
This new beer on the scene from Independence Brewing Company has become an instant hit in the Austin area. Another german style beer, it is a tart and lemony beer with a crisp finish. Look out for its iconically Austin logo on cans in a store near you.
Saint Arnold Summer Pils 4.9%
Bohemian-Style Pilsner
 This crisp and refreshing beer from Texas’ oldest craft brewery is a tastier and better version of a very popular style of beer, the german pilsner. This beer has a slightly sweet but crisp taste and will quench your thirst on a warm summer afternoon. Used to drinking any other Pils? Try this one and you’ll be a convert.
Austin Beerworks Peacemaker 5%
Extra Pale Ale/Blonde
One of Austin’s most popular go-to summer beers. This silver bullet from the rainbow unicorn factory in North Austin will make your lake/river trip, camping weekend, or yard work weekend even better.
Jester King Foudreweizen 5.7%
Farmhouse Wheat Beer
My favorite new beer of the season, this collaboration between Jester King and Live Oak Brewing is aged in a giant oak foudre (barrel). Sharing an origin with the Live Oak Hefeweizen it is an amazingly tasty and tart summer wheat beer.  This beer is only available at the Jester King brewery but is an excellent reason to visit their amazing Hill Country location. Take the short drive out and enjoy some amazing beer and Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza.

…and here are some other options:

She’s Crafty Podcast.  @shescraftypod
1. “Razzy Wheat” from Freetail (www.freetailbrewing.com)
 2. “Red Headed Stranger” from Ranger Creek (www.drinkrangercreek.com)
 3. “Redbud Berliner Weisse” from Independence (www.independencebrewing.com)
 4. “(512) Peach Sour” from 512 Brewing (www.512brewing.com)
 5. “Staycation” from Karbach (http://www.karbachbrewing.com/
Daniel Twardowski. Brewery volunteer
  1. Community Beer Co.Dallas, TX- Razzy
  2. Independence Brewing. Austin, TX- Red Bud
  3. Lakewood Brewing. Garland, TX- Till and Toil
  4. Peticolas Brewing Co. Dallas, TX- Thrilla
  5. Real Ale Brewing Co. Austin, TX- Hans Pils
Jeff Fountain. @astrosguy
  1. Live Oak Brewing Co. Austin, TX – Hefeweizen
  2. Independence Brewing Austin, TX.- Red Bud
  3. Real Ale Brewing Co. Blanco, TX- Gose
  4. Saint Arnold Brewery. Houston, TX- Amarillo Hefe (Icon Green)
  5. Oasis Brewing Co.Austin, TX-Meta Modern
Jody of Whichcraft Beer Store, Austin, TX
  1. Oasis Brewing. Austin, TX- Meta Modern
  2. Independence Brewing. Austin, TX-Red Bud
  3. Real Ale Brewing Co.Blanco, TX- Gose
  4. Karbach Brewing Co. Houston, TX- Staycation
  5. Lakewood Brewing. Garland, TX- Hopochondria


Looks like Red Bud from Independence Brewing is definitely a favorite. The slighty tart, yet refreshing finish is definitely perfect on a hot day.  Another great thing about summer beers is the container they come in.  Most of the great summer beers are available in a can, so easy to pack up and take with you on the river or lake.

Do you have a favorite Texas beer for the summer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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