Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Releases Art Car IPA


If you’ve ever been to Houston for an extended amount of time then you [should] know about the amazing art car scene. If not, well then you should do yourself a favor and get out more.

Saint Arnold peeps have been cruising around in some amazing art cars done by local artists, and recently announced the latest addition to the St. Arnold repertoire: Art Car IPA.

According to the release email, “The Art Car IPA name was inspired by the fleet of hand painted Art Cars created by local artists for Saint Arnold. You may have seen our salespeople driving them around. The label artwork was designed by renowned Houston graffiti artist and our good friend, GONZO247, who has painted four Saint Arnold Art Cars. If you’ve been to the brewery, you’ve seen his murals on the inside and outside of our building.”

It’s a hoppy American IPA that will have new and old hop styles from Pacific Northwest. ¬†According to the description, you’ll pick up notes of apricot and mango that starts with a bitter blood orange taste that morphs into mangos and other sweet tropical fruits.

Art Car IPA will be around Houston starting mid-August, and available in cans around October.

ABV: 7.2%

IBU: 55

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