Visit Recap: Kerlin BBQ


To be honest, I should probably just leave the picture up above to tell you everything you need to know about Kerlin BBQ in Austin, TX.

Just take a second and scroll back up to stare at it for a second.  I’ll wait.

Crazy right?  I’m drooling again just looking at it.

I’ve been there before, but last time I was there to try out the brisket kolaches that they were pumping out for breakfast.  This time I was there to try and catch them for lunch.  They’re typically open until 2 pm, or until sell-out, and thankfully I caught them with about 20 minutes to spare. ( The major highway from my house to Kerlin was backed up because of an accident)

Owner Bill Kerlin greeted me and let me know they had chopped beef and sausage left, and that was fine with me.  Full disclosure: I’ve yet to try the brisket.  Fists up in the air in agony, I know.

The trailer is run by Bill and his wife and they remind patrons to take it easy on them.  They’re really working as fast as they can, so grab your Topo, sit under the shade and chill out for a bit.

When my order was called I was amazed by how delicious everything looked, so it was no surprise it tasted the same.  Plenty of moisture and flavor in the chopped beef, and that sausage was juicy and full of flavor as well.  I did also get some pickles to go with, which are similar in appearance and in taste to another barbecue trailer, Micklethwait.

Kerlin BBQ is definitely a must-stop location if you’re in the Austin area.  It won’t have the crazy lines that some other places will have, and that’s really ok.

Kerlin BBQ:

1700 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702
(512) 412-5588

Kolaches Thurs-Sun 9am-2pm (or Sold Out)
Barbecue Fri-Sun 11am-2pm

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