QuikTap Launches Kickstarter Campaign

You know the story. You’ve got keg ready tap and guests ready to drink. With your pump tap, that you paid a hefty deposit on, you attempt to look like a pro. However, there are three likely outcomes. One, you tap the keg and it produces cup after cup of foam. Two, as the host you are stuck manning the pump tap for your guests and develop an elbow ailment. Three, things go well in the beginning only to go sour later when the beer goes flat due to poor pumping technique.

It doesn’t have to be this way! The team at B-52 Brewing in Conroe have developed an answer and it’s called QuikTap.

Take a look at the QuikTap promotional video to see it in action.


To help launch the product there is a QuikTap Kickstarter campaign to reach $15,000 that begins today.

The first 20 backers to purchase the QuikTap, at the price of $197, will receive a free stainless steel flow control faucet which valued at $50, one 12oz CO2 tank, tap handle, plus early shipping. The subsequent 20 backers will also receive early shipping of their QuikTap. For those who’d like to support the business venture, you’ll also be able to make contributions that will award you pint glasses, hats, decals, or a virtual cheers on social media from one of the founders.

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