Saint Arnold Brewing Company Releases Icon Blue

Saint Arnold Releases Icon Blue

Saint Arnold Brewing Company has announced the latest release in its Icon series and it is named, Icon Blue. The 14th release in the Icon series is a coffee porter, and according to the website, the coffee porter was made using Houston’s Jave Pura.  The result is a “smooth, medium bodied porter with a balance of chocolate, roast and coffee flavors. The mild sweetness is balanced by a roasty bitterness from both the combination of Bravo and Willamette hops and the coffee”.

“We ended up adding 45 lbs of their ground Espresso blend to the beer after fermentation. Adding ground coffee rather than brewed makes the finished beer fruitier and more aromatic. The fresh, raw coffee aroma we were seeking illustrates why using a high quality coffee is important.”

We agree. 

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saint arnold icon blue

Icon Blue will be on draft and available in 12 ounce 6-packs. Woo! 

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