Pappa Charlie’s Visit Recap- Houston, TX


For the Astros home opener of 2016, we decided to visit the acclaimed Pappa Charlie’s for lunch.  It’s right across the street from Minute Maid park, and a block away from 8th Wonder Brewery. (Check them out too!).

With the different events going on that day we were lucky to have most menu items available for our visit.  The new brick & mortar location is spacious with a bar-seating area and plenty of tables around.  We scoped the menu and ordered a Texas Trinity with sides and some Dome Fauxm from 8th Wonder.

The trinity consists of brisket, pork ribs, and we opted for the jalapeno-cheese sausage.  The sides were potato salad, mac n’ cheese, and slaw.  You also got the normal fixins’ including onions, pickles and jalapenos.

The brisket is prepared hot and fast, so you lose a bit of the smoke essence, but the seasoning was spot on.  Added great flavor to the great meat.  The sausage had a nice balance of heat and creaminess from the cheese, but my favorite item that day was the pork ribs.  Little bit of central-Texas style, so basic salt/pepper rub, but great bite-through and full of flavor.

And full disclosure- I was pretty sick when we went, so I was only tasting things about 50%.

The Pappa Charlies team definitely have different options for sides that come and go, and for this day the sides were mostly filler. Will opt for the loaded mac n cheese for next time, but I’m sometimes mixed on sides taking away from the spotlight of the meal- the meat.   So try the sides and let me know what you think.

The awards won by Wes Jurena and team are definitely deserved, and as much as they claim to not want the blogger feedback, it’s important to know that they’re putting out great stuff and you should definitely give them a visit the next time you’re in Houston.

They can be found at:

2012 Rusk Street
Houston, Texas 77003

Website here: 

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