Saint Arnold’s New Beer Gives Back to Support Hospitality Industry

Saint Arnold Brewery announced via its Twitter account that it would be releasing a new beer called Gratuity to give back to the hospitality industry. The brewery is partnering with Houston Shift Meal, Yakima Chief, and Country Malt Group to benefit service industry professionals.

Here’s more from the Houston Shift Meal website:

“In light of the COVID-19 crisis, many workers in Houston’s hospitality industry have been affected by closures and layoffs. Houston Shift Meal is dedicated to providing these individuals with meals so that no one goes hungry.​

We are accepting monetary sponsorships and donations from suppliers, businesses, and individuals who wish to help. These sponsorships will go to our restaurant partners to help offset their costs as they take care of our industry family during these difficult times.

For every $250 sponsorship received, a restaurant will be able to produce anywhere between 50-75 meals.

Read more about our vision here. For any questions, email us at

Stay tuned for more information on the Saint Arnold Gratuity beer info.

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