TB&B is a group of born and brewed Texans passionate about the amazing beer and barbecue that can be found by traveling throughout the Lone Star State.  We aren’t critics per se, but we are spirited people that may throw in our opinion from time to time.  TB&B looks to provide as much information as possible in hopes that you will get up, go out, eat, drink, develop your own opinion, and share your story.

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Danny Laurel– I’ve lived in Texas all my life and can’t express how much I love this state. I found that I was enjoying these amazing BBQ spots and drinking fantastic Texas-made beer and wanted my buddies and I to be able to share them with our readers.

Chuck Vanderbilt– Chuck is a business owner born in Houston, slow cooked in Rosenberg, and brewed in east Texas. Chuck currently resides the piney woods and loves to travel with his family. Eat, Drink, REJOICE!

Texas Brew & BBQ contributors:

Danielle Marquardt-Texas’ own home-brew, I’ve lived here all my life. Beer advocate, and enthusiast, I’m always looking for the next new brew. Keeping it funky in Funky Town, Texas

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